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marginsbox is a bookish subscription box featuring Black, Indigenous, and person of color (BIPOC) young adult authors alongside handcrafted items from BIPOC  creators curated to coincide with book themes. These items range from  fan-created artwork of novel characters to socks reminiscent of what a given  character might wear to enamel pins related to specific scenes in a novel.  The idea began years ago, but was pushed into reality in December 2018. The box is co-founded by young adult authors cara davis and Adrianne Russell. 

a little about our mission...

We created marginsbox with one goal in mind: to broaden readers’ horizons by  connecting them to books from BIPOC young adult authors. As has been shown  recently, the demand for stories from diverse voices is skyrocketing. But  subscription book boxes aren’t catering to readers who want to read broadly. The  market has a significant gap in promotions for BIPOC authors and it’s time for a  change. With marginsbox, these voracious, adventurous readers are guaranteed a  new-release novel from a BIPOC author every month—with the awesome bonus of  supporting BIPOC creators as well!

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Adrianne Russell (she/her)

Adrianne Russell is an editor, writer, and library professional based in Kansas City, Missouri. As a queer fat Black woman with invisible illnesses, Adrianne strongly supports intersectional stories and the #ownvoices authors creating them. She has always dreamed of being a background singer and thinks life is too short to endure bad snacks. 

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cara davis (she/her or they/them)

cara davis is a young adult author who lives in Missouri. As a fat queer nonbinary autistic Black person, focusing on marginalized identities is hugely important to her. She likes cats and popcorn and horror movies. She's never been on a looping roller coaster. Her favorite young adult book series is Susan Ee's Angelfall trilogy. 

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Wally (he/him)

Wally is our quality control manager. He also helps with book acquisition and procurement. 


Chubs (she/her)

Chubs naps.