marginsbox artist-in-residence

about the AIR program

We at marginsbox are committed to highlighting diverse voices, and that extends to visual art as well! We love artists and the way they can tell stories with pictures rather than words. Because of this, we have established an Artist-in-Residence program! This program serves to focus on a marginalized artist for a given amount of time. The artist provides illustrations for our packing inserts as well as our monthly hint!


Skye is a college student, graphic designer, and sometimes blogger based in Malaysia. Bornean-born, Chinese, and queer, her loves include the smell of coffee in the morning and warm color palettes. She would also like you to know that the rumbling from the back of the shelf is just her TBR pile, not a ghost, thank you very much.  



want to throw your hat in the ring to be our next AIR? contact us!